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My designs are not trendy. For me, getting to know your lifestyle and the location and style of your residence is a most enjoyable process -- because the greatest opportunity for you to achive your lifestye begins with your home.

Throughout my career, I have designed traditional residences, large penthouse apartments, ranch estates and resort homes. I am highly knowledgeable and experienced in many design periods and movements: Asian, Oriental, French, Italian, English, Provincial, Regence, Renaissance, Continental, Empire and postmodern American. Through the years, I have assembled and cataloged an extensive list of sources. These sources — including superb master craftsmen — work very closely with you and me in a synergistic and productive relationship.

For your unique home, establishing a central theme — for example, with a significant work of art — can provide the focus from which to create the interior design. Selecting the basic furnishings for each space lays the foundation for self-expression through statement pieces. Interior color is so vitally important, too, as it creates the background for each owner — i.e. blond hair color calls for different colors and tones than does brunette. An eclectic variety of finishes, furnishings and art can provide a very stimulating and distinctive interior.

As you see each of the varying elements that uniquely express you come together in the final installation, you will experience a penetrating sense of drama and excitement.

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Loyd Taylor

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